Featuring new and exciting works as well as new twists on traditional opera productions and thrilling new visual performances. With productions featuring Joseph Calleja, John Holiday, Russell Thomas, and more, this category is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • No One is Forgotten: An Immersive Opera

    1 season

    Can you hear your memories?

    This is the story of Lali and Beng, a journalist and aid worker held captive. No one knows where they've been taken or if they are alive. Or, maybe their story is being broadcast to the world?

    A story about intimacy, surrend...

  • Beyond
    2 items


    2 items

    Immerse yourself in the world of mezzo-soprano Marina Viotti as you follow several “crème de la crème” artists creating a concert together from the brainstorming on day one through rehearsals, meetings, costumes, location, budget to showtime.

    The artists create the project "BEYOND", which shares...

  • Vanished

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    “I see him, that dark mysterious stranger….what does he want from me?”

    Experience this cinematic journey about longing, heartbreak, and searching for love that may have you thinking about opera in a whole new way. John Holiday and Russell Thomas, two phenomenal artists, star in this this indie ...