Taking the Stage with Kristian & Quo

Taking the Stage with Kristian & Quo

2 Seasons

The compelling TDO Network program, Taking the Stage with Kristian and Quo, presents opportunities to dig deep and explore collective solutions through meaningful conversations about topics including inclusion, the arts, education, equity, diversity, opera, and more.

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Taking the Stage with Kristian & Quo
  • Coming to the Stage

    Episode 1

    Taking the Stage is all about creating meaningful conversations and finding collective solutions. Join co-hosts Kristian Roberts and Quo Johnson as they discuss topics in opera, the arts, and education.

  • Setting a Foundation

    Episode 2

    Curious about diversity in the arts? Join Kristian and Quo as they break down equity, diversity, and inclusion in this episode of Taking the Stage with Kristian and Quo.

  • Yes, they matter.

    Episode 3

    Take a deeper dive with Kristian and Quo as they continue their discussion and share why Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion matter.

  • Being in the Space with David Lomeli

    Episode 4

    David Lomeli joins Kristian and Quo for a conversation about diversity and representation in opera.

  • Commanding the Space with Morris Robinson

    Episode 5

    World-renowned bass Morris Robinson joins Kristian and Quo for a real conversation about being in the opera space, defying expectations, and creating paths for others.

  • Extending the Classroom with Christian Haley and Devlin DeCutler

    Episode 6

    The students are at home, teaching is virtual, and everything is new. Educators join Kristian and Quo for a raw discussion about ways we can continue to fulfill our roles as educators.

  • Dismantle and Replace

    Episode 7

    Call it what it is before we create solutions. Kristian and Quo begin a conversation long overdue in more than just the arts and education.

  • Leading the Way

    Episode 8

    Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s Melissa Young joins Kristian and Quo for an uplifting conversation about reaching goals and fostering inclusion.

  • Keep That Same Energy

    Episode 9

    There is a lot going on - there always has been. Kristian and Quo go live for a much needed conversation.

  • Of Life and Art

    Episode 10

    Emmanuel Villaume joins Kristian and Quo for a heartfelt conversation about the importance of art in our lives, our communities, and our connection to others.

  • Face the Facts with Jerry Hawkins

    Episode 11

    Looking at our past and acknowledging the truth in Dallas, TX can be difficult, but it is necessary. Jerry Hawkins of Dallas Truth Racial Healing and Transformation joins Kristian and Quo to shed light on the history, set the record straight, and discuss steps for dismantling racism as a nation.

  • Resilience during COVID-19 with Tina Robertson

    Episode 12

    What do we do and how do we manage as we all try our best to find our center in this global pandemic? Kristian and Quo are joined by clinical social worker Tina Robertson of Momentous Institute to share tips for resiliency and self care during this time.

  • Seek Truth

    Episode 13

    Kristian and Quo dive deeper into topics discussed in previous episodes concerning civic practice, seeking truth, racism, resiliency, and committing to change.

  • True Pathways with Rosaura Cruz

    Episode 14

    Rosaura Cruz, Executive Director of Junior Players, joins Kristian and Quo for an honest conversation about following your own path, mentorship, and the importance of uplifting the next generation.

  • Not a Trending Topic

    Episode 15

    Kristian and Quo speak about the dangers of treating current issues as trending topics and ways to hold true to our organizational and personal commitments to bring about true change.

  • The Art, The Education with Charles McNeal

    Episode 16

    Charles “Chip” McNeal of San Francisco Opera joins Kristian and Quo for a dynamic discussion about the role of arts education, equity, and the courage of change.

  • The Reason

    Episode 17

    Kristian and Quo go live for a heartfelt conversation about what called them to the arts and why they continue to serve through the arts.

  • The Art of Education

    Episode 18

    Kristian and Quo go live to discuss and answer questions about the importance and power of arts education in the classroom, on the stage, and in our lives.

  • Of Money or Mankind with Diane Hosey

    Episode 19

    Kristian and Quo are joined by Diane Hosey of the Embrey Family Foundation for a conversation about philanthropy, responsibility, and challenging the system.

  • Care for Self, Care for Others

    Episode 20

    Kristian and Quo break down the importance of caring for self, caring for others, and defying the systems that seek to separate and dehumanize us.

  • From the Community, By the Community, For the Community with Frankie Garcia III

    Episode 21

    Dallas artist and business owner, Frankie Garcia III join Kristian and Quo to discuss the importance of truly embracing and serving your community.

  • Nessun Dorma

    Episode 22

    Kristian and Quo have a conversation about the importance of knowing that true change requires true discomfort and a commitment to growth for self and others.

  • The Door is Open, Welcome with Tracy Wilson

    Episode 23

    Tracy Wilson of Cincinnati Opera joins Kristian and Quo for a discussion about the power of authentic engagement and centering community in opera.

  • The Art that Feeds Us with Jin-Ya Huang

    Episode 24

    Jin-Ya Huang of Break Bread Break Borders joins Kristian and Quo for an honest conversation about supporting women, legacy, finding community, and preparing a table with and for others.