Taking the Stage with Kristian & Quo

Taking the Stage with Kristian & Quo

2 Seasons

The compelling TDO Network program, Taking the Stage with Kristian and Quo, presents opportunities to dig deep and explore collective solutions through meaningful conversations about topics including inclusion, the arts, education, equity, diversity, opera, and more.

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Taking the Stage with Kristian & Quo
  • Returning to the Stage

    Episode 65

    Taking the Stage with Kristian and Quo is BACK with new episodes in 2022 beginning with Episode 65: Returning to the Stage!

  • The Great Resignation

    Episode 66

    When do we remain, and when do we resign? And in what ways? Kristian and Quo discuss balance, priorities, and the benefits of a human-centered working environment for arts organizations.

  • The Equity Code

    Episode 67

    Equity requires deep commitment, making it impossible to copy and paste methods for change. Kristian and Quo discuss ways to approach the nuances in addressing inequities and shifting approaches to center solutions.

  • Disrupting Bootstrap Theory

    Episode 68

    The industry is struggling with engaging in old practices while experiencing a larger shift in consciousness. Kristian and Quo go live for a conversation about the dangers of Bootstrap Theory and to remind everyone that your worth is not a direct reflection of your work.

  • Creating an Intentional Space

    Episode 69

    Putting equity into action requires being intentional about creating a space of truth, exploration, healing, and co-creation. Failing to create such a space leads to ineffective and harmful environments. Kristian and Quo have a conversation about ways to shape an intentional space.