TDO Connections

TDO Connections

2 Seasons

The Dallas Opera acknowledges that the stories we present on our stages have an impact on our audience, staff, artists, and communities. We invite our audiences and communities to join us in exploring the richness of opera as we work to do a better job of telling stories as authentically and respectfully as possible through TDO Connections™—our intentional process for human-centered, operatic storytelling designed by Education and Company Culture Manager Quodesia D. Johnson. Each opera season, TDO will explore thematic elements relevant to our communities through select opera productions. Through a collaborative effort, practitioners work closely with our staff and stage directors to align the intention and impact of our storytelling while participating in panel discussions and community conversations for collective learning. This is a journey of learning and connection for everyone involved that we are excited to share with our communities.

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TDO Connections
  • Panel Discussion 1: Exploring Representation in Opera (Madame Butterfly)

    Episode 1

    The opera field is facing the challenges of presenting “problematic” works with respectful representation. The Dallas Opera is not exempt. Stephanie Drenka, Nicholas Phan, and Zuly Inirio kick off the new TDO Connections™ series with an honest and open conversation about representation, the impac...

  • Panel Discussion 2: Our Learning Journey (The Pearl Fishers)

    Episode 2

    The season concludes with a panel discussion with The Pearl Fishers stage directors, Shawna Lucey and James Smith, and choreographer, Eboni Adams, Madame Butterfly stage director, Laurie Feldman, Asian Opera Alliance, and The Dallas Opera team to discuss their experiences, what they have learned ...